Newbrook Rescue Squad


NewBrook Rescue Squad: Formed in the 1970s, the NewBrook Rescue Squad is 100% volunteer and provides emergency medical services to the towns of Newfane, Brookline, and surrounding communities. We respond to all kinds of medical emergencies, including motor vehicle accidents. We have a dedicated squad made up of First Responders and EMTs who are able to respond at a moment’s notice. We work very closely with our Fire Department and take pride in the quality of care we are able to give our patients. When you live in a small community as we do your patients are not only strangers but neighbors, friends, and even family members. One of our main goals as a squad is to increase our efficiency through training and education. Most of our training is done in-house throughout the course of the year.

Why We Do It: Our community is where we live and work and where our children go to school. We are proud of the care we have given in the past and will continue to do so in the future.









Rescue Squad Extrication Training